Welcom to "Gazo" Wireless !

Gazo-HotSpot is commercial HotSpot and you need to login first before you can use the internet. If you come to this pages from our wireless network you will not be able to access any other pages until you either sign in for service.

What we offer ?

We offer prepaid (w. prepaid vouchers) and/or postpaid (w. contract and monthly fee) wireless broadband internet service on the island Vis up to 60 Mbit/s download and 5 Mbit/s upload speed.

Coverage area ?

Our services you can use on the island Vis only. Good wireless signal (without extra link) you can find in Vis town only. With extra link to your house our services you can use generaly overall on the island.

No monthly bills, no contract and no commitments. Buy voucher, login and surf online !


Gazo Wireless Postpaid Services (with flat tariff) include free of charge wi-fi link to your house and home router. That’s guarantees faster and much more stable wireless connection.