About Gazo WiFi postpaid internet services

With Gazo-WiFi postpaid wireless service you have access to the internet without wires up to 20 Mbit/s download and 1 Mbit/s upload speed, just same like wired ADSL access.
With home broadband router you can share an Internet connection between computers, tablets or smartphones, share a printer and connect your game console or other home entertainment equipment to the Internet. All of that at same time.

Why choose Gazo WiFi service ?

– Our main office is situated in Vis Town and we have the best and the fastest 24/7 technical support on the island.
– You can choose service plan witch best meet your internet needs, we have different pricing plans and generaly best rates here;
– You don’t need any wires or home instalations (we will do everything quick and usually free of charge);
– You don’t need to pay for phone service (as usually here);
– You can be connected to the broadband internet usually in few hours;
– You can put your account to sleep up to 6 months by the year.

Choose service plan below and contact us by contact form, e-mail or call us to know how to make a contract. Our contact and technical support GSM number is 385(0)91/265-22-22. We are available for your questions 24/7.

Wireless Broadband Plans (monthly rates)

  • 10/2 Mbit/s

    19.78 €

  • 20/5 Mbit/s

    26.41 €

  • 40/8 Mbit/s

    33.05 €

  • 60/10 Mbit/s

    39.68 €


Speed of connection is based on the theoretical maximum speed of the Gazo Wi-Fi 2.4 GHz and/or 5 GHz networks and 60 GHz links. Actual speed will vary and may be slower. Many factors affect speed such as your distance from the HotSpot AP, the capacity and load of the AP’s, which bearer you are currently using (2.4 or 5 GHz), your hardware and software, the source of your download, and general internet traffic. The service is subject to network availability.